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Dream deeper than the ocean and higher than the Sky
For IPWS even sky is not the Limit... 
Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL aims at fostering the values like team spirit, cooperation, discipline and coordination right from the formative years of the young learners. Co-scholastic are an indispensible part of the school curriculum which not only aims at developing the growing mindset of the children but also unravel the hidden potential in each child and allows them to blossom to the fullest.



Ravya Dhingra (Pre-School Daffodil)  bagged the First Position in Fashionista-Character Depiction at Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram.




Yuvraj (IA1), Sehrish (I B2), Pragun (I B2), Varonika (I B1), Viyaan Goyal (I B1), Advit (I B2) bagged the First Position in Balloon Popping Relay Race  held at Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL.




Myra Grover ( I A3)  and Samayra Mahajan ( II A1)  bagged the First Position in Show and Tell event held at Ahlcon Public School. 




Jasnadar Singh (Pre-Primary Rose), Anantvir Singh(Pre-Primary Rose), Guneet Singh Malik (Pre-Primary Daisy), Aanya Anand (Pre-Primary Lotus), Vinika (Pre-Primary Daffodil), Naisha (Pre-Primary Daisy) bagged the First Position and notched the ROLLING TROPHY as a team in the First Time Fun Time Race held at Delhi International School Edge, Dwarka.




Saisha Saggi (I A3)  bagged the First Position in the event Gourmet's Delight at  Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Dwarka.




 Ruhin Sharma (I A3)  and Ruhani Gogia (II A3) bagged the First Runners Up Position in the event Epics of Ancient India held at

G.D. Goenka Global School, Noida.




Myra Grover (I-A3) and Sargun Kaur (Pre-Primary Daffodil)  bagged the  First Position in Recitation Competition  at

Vikas Bharati Public School.




Toshani Gorver (1B2) bagged the Second Runners Up Position in Namaste India at Bal Bharti Public School.




Aahil Mitra (1 B2) won the Best Costume Award in Ad- o- Mania at Bal Bharati Public School.




Vihaana Keswani (Pre-Primary Daffodil) bagged the  Second Runners Up Position in the event Shake a Leg Dance Mania held at Bal Bharati Public School.




Jia Gandhi (Pre-Primary Rose) won the First Runners Up Position in the event Tell a Tale held at Ahlcon Public School.





Pahal Khanduja (1A1) won the special prize  in the event Jocky Talky held at  DAV Public School Pitampura in the competition Jockey Talk.




Moulik Sethi ( I A3) bagged the Second Runners Up Position in the competition Decor de Table at Gyan Mandir Public School.




Ruhin Sharma(1 A3) won the Second  Runners Up Position in the event Shafun at Indraprastha Global School, Noida.




Myra Grover (I A3 ) received the  Certificate of Excellence in the Competition-Gender Bender Fashion Show at Ambience Public School, Gurugram.




Vani Sharma ( II B1) and Vyass Gumber (1-A2 ) bagged special prizes in Ad-Mad Competition organized by Gyan Mandir Public School.


Toshani Grover (1B2)  bagged the Second Runners Up Position  Patriotic Dance Competition at Gyan Mandir Public School.
Samriddhi Dhariwal ( Pre-School Daisy) won the Second Runners Up Position in India’s forte.  in the Indraprastha International SchoolDwarka.