Indraprastha Celebrates Teacher's Day
Indraprastha World School's Teacher's Day Celebration, held on September 5, 2023, was a heartwarming tribute to the dedicated educators who shape young minds. The day commenced with a solemn prayer, setting the tone for a day filled with appreciation and reflection. A sea of vibrant flowers welcomed the teachers, symbolizing the bloom of knowledge they nurture. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birth anniversary was honoured with a touching tribute, acknowledging his contributions to education. The students' poetic verses, melodious songs, and heartfelt speeches showcased their deep admiration for their teachers. A mesmerizing dance performance celebrated the joy of learning, while Dr. A. S. Rana, Chairman, Indraprastha Schools highlighted   the pivotal role teachers play and urged the students to give their highest regard to their teachers. The event concluded with teachers indulging in fun games and an after-school lunch, strengthening the bonds that make Indraprastha World School a beacon of education and camaraderie. It was a day of gratitude, creativity, and unity, reminding all that teachers are the guiding lights shaping a brighter future.


Indraprastha Celebrates a glorious legacy of Two Decades


It has been 20 glorious years; Indraprastha SCHOOLS have become synonym for excellence in quality education, carving a niche for themselves, scripting success stories for the future generations to cherish. The group of schools have been igniting and encouraging young minds to pursue their dreams today and tomorrow. The institutions have succeeded in establishing themselves as premier Indian schools, which offers quality education with an international edge and exposure.

Indraprastha SCHOOLS, not just bricks and mortar, justifying the school motto, ‘Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child.’ are a community with a vision, value and culture nurturing educational zeal among young learners. Established with a single vision of imparting eminence through constant innovations in the field of education and making a difference in the life of every child, the schools stand tall, setting new benchmarks in every sphere of life.

Every year Indraprastha SCHOOLS celebrate the Founders’ Day on April 2, to renew their commitment and dedication towards the noble cause of imparting value-based education to children and raise a generation which is more responsible and dedicated towards the society and the world.

On the momentous occasion of the Founder's Day, Indraprastha extended a timeless tribute to the living legends, their visionaries, Chairperson and Chairman, Indraprastha Group of Schools, Smt. and Dr. A.S. Rana, who dreamt of an educational institution that encompasses academic excellence to raise a generation of model international citizens ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Their vision invariably firm as the constant polestar has widened its radiance in a span of two decades and added more verve and vitality to the institute. The architect who gave shape and form to the dreams of our visionaries is our revered Managing Director, Dr Rajesh Hassija, an educational stalwart, who firmly believes that “children are flowers grown in a concrete garden.”

We aim at actuating the child’s own desire to learn and develop the latent potential of each child to be the trailblazers for the generations to come. As gardeners, we nurture children and make them realise that excellence is the upshot of commitment, hard work and perseverance. As an institution, we prepare our young learners to be resilient and strong future global citizens. They would, as we envisage, not only be the ambassadors of our rich cultural heritage but also the potential instruments of positive social change and awakening in the world at large. Indeed, over the years, Indraprastha has evolved as a ‘School of Excellence’ striving to make every child grow as an engaged learner, imbued with 21st century competencies, rooted in values.

Every year on April 2, Indraprastha SCHOOLS celebrate Founder’s Day with great enthusiasm. This day allows us to recognize and reap the benefits of the dreams of our visionaries and build a strong future on the foundation of their experiences. We perceive education as the foundation for all growth and development. It is, indeed, not an end, but a means for creating an enlightened, progressive and peaceful society.

As we enter the third decade of our inception, we look forward to setting new benchmarks, aiming to conquer unmapped territories and achieve greater heights of accomplishments. Our trustworthy collaboration and our unquestioned cooperation would surely launch ‘our’ children into the axis of success and achievements. On this special day, we feel proud to renew our commitment to our responsibility which is to raise a generation of smart, morally upright, disciplined and responsible citizens.

On this momentous occasion of the 21st Founder’s Day, students of Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL presented a powerful assembly showcasing their love for their founders. The celebrations were resided by Hon’ble Chairperson Madam and Chairman Sir. Mrs and Dr, A.S. Rana and the school principal, Ms Shikha Arora.  

The celebrations commenced on an auspicious note with a prayer and an inaugural dance dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. It was followed by the formal welcome extended by the Additional Principal to school, Ms Anita Mahajan. Thereafter, the cultural programme comprising – a motivational song, a self composed poem, student’s talk mime act, skit titled as Indraprastha Raha Manzilon Ki.’ and a scintillating rhythmic dance that filled the arena with happiness and joy on the resplendent occasion. To make the day special, the school newsletter, ‘Indraprastha Times’ was released by the school management. This newsletter is a testimony of the pinnacles of glory the institute has attained in these twenty years.

Hon’ble Chairman, Dr. A.S. Rana, in his message exhorted that the schools have been successful in carving a niche in the education sector and each child of the school has given his best and proved that sky is not the limit for them. He expressed his gratitude to the parents, staff and students, for reposing their faith in the institute and supporting their children. His inspirational words motivated everyone to strive ahead and reach beyond the ordinary and continue scaling great heights. Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director appreciated the sincere endeavours of the staff and the students for being the worthy torchbearers in both scholastic and co scholastic fields, as school has grown in manifold ways in terms of wealth of knowledge and co-curricular. The event culminated with the vote of thanks given by Headmistress Primary wing, Ms Saakshi Khanna.





Acclimatization Day organized at Indraprastha


The Acclimatization Day was organized by Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL on Saturday, April 28, 2023  to introduce the little Pre- Schoolers with the school environment. To sustain the interest of 'little ones' the atrium was transformed into a mini recreational centre where countless fun-filled activities like Trampoline Jumping, Ball’s Pool, Tumbling the Tumblers, Balancing Beam and many more activities were organized.

An exquisite Candyland was setup. The entire section was transformed into a Fantasy World of colourful candies, doughnuts, muffins, chocolate and ginger bread houses with candy and lollypop trees tempting little munchkins.

In the creative corner, plethora of activities were arranged to keep children engaged by enticing them to enthusistically participate in activities like- Clay Modeling some toffees, Tearing pasting, Glitter pasting and colouring in favourite candies. Besides, number of games like -Hit Me, Tumbling the Tumblers, Balancing Beam, Ringing the Parcel, Sorting of Candies and Gems, Interlinking Lego H

Games, Lacing, Tattoo corner were set up for children to acclimatize themselves with the school environment and their  teachers. All parents appreciated the endeavours of the school and staff for creating an enthusing environment for the tiny –tots. The event was a great success.


Parenting and Partnership Programme at IPWS

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”


The Orientation Programme was hosted for the parents of the new entrants of the Indraprastha family. This programme provided an opportunity to further strengthen the bond between the parents, the children and the school.

The event was graced by the benign presence of Dr. Aruna Broota, a strong celebrated clinical psychologist who consented to be the chief guest on the special occasion. The event was presided by Hon’ble Chairperson and Chairman, Smt. and Dr. A. S. Rana, Indraprastha Education and Health Care and the Managing Director, Dr Rajesh Hassija.

The grand celebration to welcome the parents of the new entrants began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp with the shloka chanting. It was followed by a scintillation inaugural dance dedicated to Lord Krishna. The school principal, Ms. Shikha Arora addressed the august gathering and congratulated them on being an indispensible partner of Indraprastha in shaping their child’s future. 

Dr. Aruna Broota, conducted a highly motivational and sensitizing counseling session. She shared the basic tips with parents about how to handle the issues of parenting and mould their little ones into responsible citizens. Thereafter, Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, conducted a highly informative session wherein he shared the best practices and the innovative pedagogies practiced in the school. The endeavours of the teachers are so planned that they aim at making the young saplings blossom under love and care and become confident individual. The programme culminated with the vote of thanks given by Ms. Ravinder Anand, Headmistress Montessori wing.

At the outset, all ebullient gathering lauded the efforts of the management for their efforts of apprising them with the school curriculum and the education pattern practiced at Indraprastha. Overall, the event was a great success.  







An Enthralling experience at Overnight Camp

In an endeavour to inculcate values in the students for their holistic development, Indraprastha plans many co-scholastic activities apart from the scholastic ones to ingrain a sense of competitive spirit, leadership, and independence. Students of classes I and V learnt numerous values when they were given an enthralling experience of OVERNIGHT CAMP.
All the students of class I and V brimming  with happiness and joy were welcomed in the morning assembly. It was followed by a fitness session to keep them  energised  them to enjoy the adventurous activities like Zorbing, Zip-line, Tug-of-war, Rope climbing, Tarzan Swing, Burma Bridge and many more.Throughout the day each child not only enjoyed the activities but also honed their spirit of camaraderie, teamwork, cooperation and tolerance.The camp wrapped  up with a valedictory ceremony where they shared their experiences of the Overnight Camp. Students said goodbye to each other and carried home lifetime memories along with them. Overall, it was an exhillaring experience for all.






Good Luck Ceremony was organized for the students of Class X on February 10, 2023. The ceremony  was presided over by the members of the management. The ceremony commenced with the formal welcome extended by Ms. Anita Mahajan,  Additional Principal. It was followed by an inspirational song and a motivational thought. A session on STAYING HEALTHY was conducted by Dr. Hema Anand, who guided students about how to manage stress by practising  time management  and retaining a healthy diet. Facilitators of the secondary department shared valuable tips on do’s and don’ts to be practised while preparing for the  boards.

Thereafter, they  presented a musical rendition to motivate the students and gave away mementos and greeting cards wishing good luck to the young prodigies. All the students were overwhelmed with gratitude  towards their mentor's care and concern. 

At the outset, reverred Managing Director Sir, Dr. Rajesh Hassija blessed the students and inspired them to continue with their efforts in the right direction  and attain  excellence  in their future endeavours.






The class XI students, staff and management of Indraprastha World School bid farewell to the outgoing students of class XII on February 7, 2023. The event began with a ‘Havan’ ceremony to seek blessings for students’ future endeavours. The lamp lighting and the prayer followed thereafter for the well-being and success of the departing students. The atmosphere was filled with music and joy as the school choir presented a melodious performance. 
The Director, Dr Rajesh Hassija shared his feelings with students through a heartfelt self-composed poem. The Principal, Ms Shikha Arora also addressed the students emphasizing the importance of staying true to one's values and pursuing one's passions in life. For one last time, farewell speeches were delivered by the outgoing Head Boy, Vansh Suri and Head Girl, Sanchi Chugh along with presenting a gift as a token of gratitude on behalf of the entire class XII.
The highlight of the event was a touching rendition by the teachers, bidding them farewell with love and blessings. The mementoes, sash and titles were then distributed among the students as a token of love and appreciation from the school. 
The farewell video presentation was a nostalgic and emotional moment, marking the end of a chapter in the students' lives and the beginning of a new journey. 
The dance performance by Class XI left the students tapping their feet and sparkling with joy. The ceremony ended with the blessings of the Additional Principal, Ms Anita Mahajan wherein she also shared valuable lessons and memories from students’ time at the school.
The students left the school with a renewed sense of purpose and determination.




Indraprastha Organizes the Annual Sports Meet


Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL organized a mega sports event, Urja- Khel Utsav- 2023 on  Saturday, February 4, 2023. The event was graced by the benign presence of Smt. Neeraj Bala, Commandant of 88th Women Battalion while the event was presided by Smt and Dr. A. S Rana and the Managing Director of school, Dr Rajesh  Hassija along with the other esteemed members of the management.

The grand event commenced with the hoisting of the school flag followed by the guard of honour extended to the chief guest. All the students took the oath to participate in sports with enthusiasm and showcase their spirit of true sportsmanship.  It was followed by the Inter-House March Past, a highly competitive event where the four houses eyed for the first place. The highlight of the show was the school band, who enthralled the spectators with their marvellous display of talent, coordination and team work.

More verve and vigour was added to the sports meet, when the talented and energetic yoga team exhibited a power- packed performance that left the audience awe- struck with their panache.  The entire sports meet was interspersed with the mesmerizing drills like- five elements, taekwondo, patriotic drill, pom pom drill, bamboo drill etc. The displays made way for the highly awaited athletic events where competitiveness among the students soared high.  Subsequently, there were some fun races for Montessori wing. These little shining stars enchanted everyone with their rhythmical movements. Thereafter, young athletes from class I to V displayed their physical agility and stamina on the field. Even parents got an opportunity to prove their physical fitness by participating in races. They proved that age is no bar for running and winning on the tracks. Finally, the winners were felicitated with the trophies and certificates.

It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and memories to cherish.






Indraprastha Celebrates 74th Republic Day

"This Republic Day let us work together towards building a strong and developed nation. Let the world look up to us for our strengths."


Brimming with gusto and enthusiasm, the students of Indraprastha celebrated the  74th Republic Day. The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Shri. Manoj Kumar, SHO, West Delhi. The event was presided by Dr. A.S.Rana , Chairman Indraprastha Group of Schools and the members of the management. Ms. Anita Mahajan, Vice Principal extended a formal and floral welcome to the Chief Guest and the other members of the management. 

The programme commenced with the unfurling of the tricolour, representing the hopes and aspirations of the citizens of India and paying tribute to the sacrifices of the martyrs of India. To mark the importance of this day, a grand celebration was held in the school premises. The mood for the day was set by the talented percussionists of Indraprastha who played the marvellous instrumental music of 'Sare Jahan Se Accha.' It was followed by a scintillating patriotic song. The entire arena reverberated with the patriotic renditions presented by the school choir and enthralled the spectators. Brimming with patriotic zeal and fervour, the students presented a short poem, student's talk highlighting the achievements of India, and mime act. The nukkad natak ' Adhikaar' showcasing the importance of the constitution and fundamental rights was the highlight of the day.

Infact,  the exquisite mélange of patriotism, talent, and wisdom added more sheen to the celebrations.  The Chief Guest acknowledged the efforts of the students for putting up a wonderful show. The grand celebrations culminated with the vote of thanks  given by the Headmistress (Middle Wing), Ms. Vijaya Sharma.







Indraprastha Celebrates the Annual Extravaganza 2022

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL, Paschim Vihar, celebrated its Annual Extravaganza on Friday, November 18, 2022 a combination of talent and creativity. The portals of the school illumined with lights casting a warm glow, with decked up stage and the ambience echoed with the loud cheers of the ebullient spectators.

The Chief Guest, Shri Himanshu Gupta, I.A.S. Director, Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi graced the occasion with his benign presence. The function was illuminated with the graceful presence of the revered Chairperson and Chairman, Smt. and Dr. A. S. Rana, Managing Director, Dr.Rajesh Hassija, and Additional Director, Madam Anupama along with the other members of the management and distinguished guests.  The guests were warmly welcomed by the mellifluous performance presented by the School choir.

School Principal, Ms. Shikha Arora delivered the welcome address. Annual Report of the session was presented by the school Head boy and Head girl.  The programme commenced with a traditional lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by a scintillating inaugural dance dedicated to Lord Shiva, a marvellous blend of flair and originality gave a befitting start to the event.

More than 180 students were felicitated with laurels for their commendable endeavours in curricular and co-curricular arena in the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony. It was an extraordinary moment for the Indraprastha family when the Hon’ble Chairman Sir, Dr. A.S. Rana was bestowed with his degree of Honorary Doctorate and honoured with the most coveted S.K Bhattacharya Award for his commendable contribution as a philanthropist in the field of Education.

The school souvenir Vision 2022 was released on this auspicious day. The chief guest lauded the efforts of the students and the management for scripting so many success stories. In his key note,  Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, Indraprastha Group of Schools, appreciated the efforts of the students and the staff members and motivated them to continue their odyssey of success in future too.

More than 1400 students of class III to XII got an opportunity to exhibit their confidence,  dramatic, oratory and  musical skills while  presenting a  musical ballet ‘Aaj Ka Chanakya” which inspired the young prodigies of IPWS to be strong , confident and focused in their endeavours and be an epitome of dedication and determination.

Vice Principal, Mr. A. A Khan extended the vote of thanks to everyone.  Overall, the celebrations concluded on a happy note encouraging the students to continue with their efforts to transform their dreams into reality, set new millstones and live up to their expectations. 






Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Reverberated At Indraprastha


Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL, Paschim Vihar celebrated 75thIndependence Day (Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav) with immense patriotic fervour and zeal in the school premises. A special assembly was organised to infuse the spirit of unity, brotherhood and patriotism among the students. The event was graced by the benign presence of the school alumnus, Sh. Shubham Sharma (I.A.S), Assistant Director, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sh. Lakshay Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Indirect Taxes. The event was presided by the Additional Director, Madam Anupama and the Manager of the school, Mr M.S. Sangwan along with the respective Heads.

The assemblage commemorated with the hoisting of the tricolour that strengthens the vision of sustaining India as one of the most vibrant democracies of the world. It was followed by a melodious soul stirring song sung by the choir group to awaken our spirits and keep our patriotic morale high. The national song ‘Vande Mataram’ echoed on Orchestra. The little cherubs of the Montessori Wing mesmerized everyone with their ramp show showcasing the daring dispositions of freedom fighters. They added charm to the occasion in their colourful attires. The students of the Middle & Secondary classes presented a fabulous voyage of the National Flag and took everyone through the lane of freedom struggle. It was followed by Power Play of Yoga by the Yoga connoisseurs. 

The talented actors of Indraprastha Theatre Society, Udaan accompanied by the young and talented dancers set the stage on fire with their enthralling Hindi Ballet AARAMBH which was dedicated to Suryasen, a revolutionary who believed that, “Humanism is a special virtue of revolutionaries.”

The inspiring and motivating words of the Chief Guest, Sh. Shubham Sharma added grace to the event. He narrated his untold story to motivate the students to never stop dreaming and start believing in themselves. He congratulated everyone for their scintillating presentations. The event concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem.






Innovations in Power Sector Displayed on the Occasion of BIJLI UTSAV at IPWS


Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL celebrated Bijli Utsav as an indispensable Ujjwal Bharat, Ujjwal Bhavishya – power @ 2047 under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM). The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Shri. Dharmendra Kumar, Additional District Magistrate, West Delhi and the team of delegates from the Power Finance Corporation, Delhi. The Programmed commenced with the welcome address extended by Mr/ S.S Rao, Chief General Manager, Power Finance Corporation.

The highlight of the gala celebration was the virtual address by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, shri Narendra Modi in his message exhorted that all remaining villages shall be electrified within 1000 days.

As part of the event a mobile exhibition and various cultural programmes were staged to impart knowledge on subjects such as the benefits of electricity and its conservation. The people were also apprised of various government schemes such as Saubhagya, Ujjala, Smart Metering and also Rights of Consumers. The event concluded with the distribution of LED bulbs as prizes to the winners of the competitions.






UNNAT@ 2022

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.


A fervour of celebration filled Indraprastha World School when the teachers and students of different schools gathered to participate in Unnat, the mega online Inter-school competition, wherein 150 students from 27 schools across the city showcased their skills in their respective events. With an aim to facilitate empowered minds, the school hosted that competition to hone the talents of young scholars.

The Inter-school event, which comprised many competitions, was a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity, and alertness. The participants prepared zealously to excel in events like Twist the Tale, The Scoop, Render It, Science Symposia, Ecotopia, Tedtalk, Kathputli, and Hindi Chaupai Gayan. The event provided a platform for the children of eminent schools to exhibit their talents and skills with great enthusiasm and passion after post-Covid times.

Their vivacity and brilliance were reflected fully in their performances.

An encouraging speech by the school principal, Ms. Shikha Arora lifted the morale of the participants. She appreciated all the participants and spoke about the limitless potential in every individual that can be honed at every opportunity and at every stage. The event culminated with an online valedictory ceremony and a vote of thanks.







Great Leaders do not set out to be a leader…They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, it’s always about the goal.

At Indraprastha, we strongly believe that leaders are not born, they are nurtured. They strive for excellence and do their best to achieve the results, and set the benchmarks for the others to emulate.

The Student Council, for the academic session 2022-23 was formally appointed and inducted in August 2022. It was a proud moment for all of us, as ‘our’ children were given away the sashes and the badges and assigned their portfolios.

Dr. Hassija, Director, Indraprastha SCHOOLS congratulated the prefectorial board members and inspired them to build a strong community, impacting lives around them, valuing honesty, being charitable, and having the feeling empathy and compassion for their fellow beings.

The Student Council pledged to inspire and motivate the fellow learners, in sync with the school motto, ‘Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child’ to work with a vision and path to realize the ultimate goal of ensuring that Indraprastha touches new vistas of success.