Head Boy’s Message

At the onset of this academic session, to be declared and nominated as the School Head Boy is a dream come true – a dream which every aspiring child starts weaving right from the inception of his schooling days. I believe one must keep his face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind. It gives me a sense of pride to be appointed as the Head Boy of this prestigious institution.

On this special day, I owe my allegiance to my alma mater for adorning me with this sacred batch and sash. The portals of this school have given me umpteen number of opportunities to set targets in academics and co-curricular activities.  For me, being the Head Boy is not just about the position or a title but it is about action and example which makes a difference. I promise to make my school proud by working in collaboration with the team members and let the flag of Indraprastha flutter high.

Anand Mehta

(Head Boy)


Head Girl’s Message

It all began 12 years ago the day I finally stepped foot into this majestic building, vaguely remembering that it is going to be my school. The years passed by and today I stand before you as the Head Girl. It is an exhilarating moment for me.  I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the school authorities who believe that I’m responsible enough to be the Head Girl of the school.

I’m the clay,  the school has been the potter. I’ve always been fortunate enough to have teachers who inspire me and friends who keep me grounded. They taught me to respect and stay committed to the work. The best piece of advice that I ever received was that fear is just another incentive to try harder. So, I would like to pass this to our young Ipites who aspire to achieve something special.

I promise that I will prove to be the person everyone looks forward to. We, the Student Council will always work together as a team and keep Indraprastha’s banner high with dignity and grace.

Rishita Singh

(Head Girl)



Investiture Ceremony

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL aims at training individuals to shoulder responsibilities and uphold high standards of conduct while discharging responsibilities with self discipline.


The school organised the Investiture Ceremony for the session 2019-20 to keep the splendour and bestow honour on the newly elected Student Council. The newly appointed Prefectorial Board marched impressively and were inducted into their duties. The ceremonial pinning of badges and handing over of sashes to the Council members was solemnized by the hon’ble Managing Director, Dr Rajesh Hassija and School Principal Ms Shikha Arora.


The School choir presented a befitting start to the programme with a song glorifying leadership. Vice Principal, Ms Asha Srivastava motivated the students to be dedicated and committed to their goals in order to fulfil their dreams. Dr Hassija motivated the students to be the torch-bearers throughout their life. The school Principal administered the oath and blessed the Student Council Members.


The School Head Boy, Anand Mehta and School Head Girl, Rishita Singh expressed their gratitude to the management and staff for reposing faith in them. They humbly assured that they would give their best in collaboration with their team and prove their mettle as leaders.