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Indraprastha’s Remarkable Odyssey of 18 Glorious years


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Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL celebrated the Founders' Day on April 5,  2021 with great zeal and enthusiasm on its completion of 18 glorious years. The members of the Indraprastha family expressed their love to their visionaries Chairperson Madam and Chairman Sir,  Mrs and Mr A.S. Rana, who dreamt of an educational institution that encompasses academic excellence and aims at raising a responsible and productive generation.

A special assembly was organised by the young students to honour the founders of the school and expressed their love for the institute on the First day of the academic session. The programme commenced with the formal and floral welcome extended by the school principal. It was followed by an inspirational song, poem, student's talk and dance emphasising the role of education.

The Managing Director of school appreciated the sincere endeavours of the staff and the students for being the worthy torchbearers in both scholastic and co-scholastic fields as school has grown in manifold ways in terms of wealth of knowledge and co-curricular. His inspirational words motivated the students to strive ahead and reach beyond the ordinary and continue scaling great heights. The event concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by the Vice Principal. The event was highly exhilarating and motivational.


Indraprastha Greets New Entrants 


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Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL organized Familiarization Day on Saturday, April 3, 2021 to acquaint and introduce the new entrants of Indraprastha family. All the safety and precautionary measures of the 'new normal' were followed in the school premises and classrooms. Parents were invited slot wise to meet the mother teachers of their child. Children were happy to meet their mother teachers  before the beginning of the online classes. The school was colourfully decorated with familiar cartoon characters and bunches balloons everywhere. Some activities involving no-touch were arranged for the little ones. All the parents attended the event and were highly  satisfied and happy on  meeting the teachers. Parents appreciated the efforts of the school.



Indraprastha Hosts Virtual Sportsvaganza 


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Indraprastha strongly upholds the notion that  the power of the human will to compete and the drive to excel beyond the body’s normal capabilities is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sports.
Sports are an inseparable part of the curriculum, as they assist in the holistic development of each child. On Saturday, February 13, 2021, Indraprastha World School organized the virtual Khel Utsav – Oorja 2021  for students from class I to class XI and gave each child a platform  to exhibit their potential, skills and stamina through the umpteen number of fitness and sports activities.The event was graced by the benign presence of the members of the school  Management. 
The celebrations commenced with formal welcome extended by the school Principal Ms Shikha Arora. The ceremonial celebrations commenced with the school flag hoisting ceremony. Hoisting a school flag is a positive affirmation of loyalty and commitment. This was followed by the torch lighting ceremony. Thereafter, the students took oath and the Hon'ble Chairman, Shri A.S. Rana declared the sports meet open.
The highlights of the event were the exquisite presentations of yogasanas, taekwondo, aerobics, and a dance presentation highlighting the importance of five elements in the life of sports stars.  The entire meet was interspersed with a plethora of fitness events and activities which students enjoyed thoroughly and gave their best. The Managing Director to school, Dr Rajesh Hassija, lauded the dedication and the hard work put in by the stakeholders to give verve and strength to the institute by organising the Sports Day Virtually.
The scintillating performances vividly  expressed that for Ipites Sports is a way to narrate  the passion of a player, determination of a team and the extraordinary confidence  to shine and set the standards for others. All the participants and winners were appreciated and acknowledged for putting up a marvellous show. Overall, the event was a visual treat to eyes and ears.


Grandparents’ Day Celebration


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“No joy on Earth brings greater pleasure than a grandchild to love and treasure.”

Grandparents have a significant and growing impact on the well-being of their grandchildren and now it was time for our little preschoolers to thank them for their love, care and warmth . Indraprastha World School celebrated Grandparents’ Day Virtually in the first week of February 2021.

The programme commenced with rendition of prayers by the school choir which was followed by a dance recital as an invocation to Lord Ganesha. The mind tickling Quiz conducted by the little ones had enthusiastic participation of the Grandparents. The little ones telling the quick home remedies often by Grandparents for keeping good health was the show stealer. The children made the day memorable by reciting lovely rhymes about grandparents.

There were some touching moments where the elderly guests also shared their views. They reiterated their responsibility as the role models and mentors for their younger generation, historians teaching values, instilling ethnic heritage and passing on family traditions as they believe children carry the legacy not only of what is given but also fill the voids left behind by the elders. The function culminated with the vote of thanks by Montessori Headmistress Ms. Ravinder Anand.



Indraprastha Celebrates the 72th Republic Day 


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The school celebrated the 72th Republic Day in all its solemnity and grandeur on Monday, January 25, 2021. The celebration commenced with the unfurling of the tricolour in sync with the rendition of the National Anthem. The young Ipites  payed tribute to the sacrifices of the martyrs and freedom fighters, who attained the goal of Poorna Swaraj through their commitment and dedication towards their motherland. The cultural programme included patriotic songs, poem recitation, skit, motivational talk, a scintillating dance and a short film 'Poorna Swaraj.' The mesmerizing performances enthralled everyone. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brotherhood. 
 The celebrations culminated with the vote of thanks.Overall, the event was successful as the students made the virtual platform alive with their love and passion for the motherland.



Indraprastha Celebrates the Appreciation Day
“A nation’s treasure is in its scholars.”



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School organized the Appreciation Day on Saturday, October 17, 2020 to appreciate the efforts of the academic excelsior’s from class VI to XI for their commendable achievement in the Academic Session 2019- 20. The event was presided the honourable Managing Director Sir, Dr Rajesh Hassija and the Additional  Director,  Madam Anupama and the school Principal, Ms Shikha Arora.

The appreciation day ceremony commenced with the prayer and the lamp lighting ceremony. It was followed by the welcome address of the school principal. More than 500 parents and students attended the ceremony to recognize the efforts of the 275  young prodigies of Indraprastha. The super Scholar Trophy recipient Anushkha Abhyankar addressed the audience and shared the mantra of success with the upcoming batches strongly highlighting the fact that hard work and consistency are the key to success. Even the students who did not miss a single day of the academic session 2019-20 were appreciated for their regularity and 63 students were honoured with the full attendance award. The Managing Director sir in his message exhorted that hard work and commitment is synonymous to success. Hence, all students must continue striving for academic excellence and  channelize their potential to excel in all walks of life. The efforts of the parents and teachers were duly acknowledged and appreciated for supporting the young learners in every respect.

The event witnessed an overwhelming response and positive  feedback from parents tbrough the virtual platform and lauded the endeavours of the school.


Teachers Day Celebration at Indraprastha



Students of Indraprastha celebrated the Teachers' Day Virtually and expressed their compassion for their mentors on this special day. The event was presided by the Additional Director, Madam Anupama and the School Principal Ms Shikha Arora.


The programme commenced with the prayer followed by the traditional lamp lighting ceremony on the virtual platform. The school authorities extended their tribute to an eminent educationist Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,  who always believed that “Teachers should be the best minds in the country”.


Thereafter, a colourful cultural extravaganza comprising an inspirational song, students talk, recitation, a short film 'Shukraana' and a rhythmic dance made all staff members  happy and nostalgic.


The highlight of the celebration were the motivational and  heart touching messages shared by the members of tfe management, who appreciated all the staff members for accepting the new normal as a challenge and have given their best to impart knowledge and skills to the children. Thereby,  proving the school philosophy "Teach Each Child, Develop Whole Child."

Happy Teachers Day to All!


Indraprastha Celebrates the 74th Independence Day


“Today let us remember the Golden Heritage of Our Country India and feel proud to be a part of it.”




Times change, but the spirits and the will to celebrate is always alive in the heart of human beings. We at Indraprastha firmly believe in this mantra and constantly inspire our children to celebrate each moment of life. Students of Indraprastha brimming with enthusiasm and patriotic zeal made an endeavour to celebrate the 74th Independence Day on August 14, 2020 through the digital platform.


The event was graced by the benign presence of  Madam Shahida  Parveen Ganguly, Assistant Commissioner of Police(ACP), CID Cell Jammu & Kashmir and the first woman police officer in Jammu & Kashmir, who kindly consented to grace the occasion.The sacred day celebration was presided by Shri A.S Rana, Chairman Indraprastha Group of Schools and the school Principal, Ms Shikha Arora.


The celebrations commenced with formal welcome and the flag hoisting ceremonyalong with the rendition of the national Anthem. It was followed by the cultural programme- comprising  student’s talk, music, poem recitation  kavitavaachan and a medley of dances which infused the spirit of patriotism among the spectators. The highlight of the event was ‘Inquilab’ that inspired everyone to emulate the qualities of revolutionaries like Shaheed Bhagat Singh and contribute towards the upliftment of their social milieu and the nation.  The chief guest appreciated the efforts of the students, staff and the management for presenting a heart touching show virtually.


Indraprastha Celebrates the Confluence of Talent- Unnat 2020 


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Indraprastha hosted its first virtual extravaganza - UNNAT 2020 in July.  The overwhelming response of more than 800 participants from renowned schools across Delhi and NCR  made UNNAT -2020 a smash hit. Young students from  class II to XII exhibited their talent, originality and innovation through this comprehensive and enriching online mega platform. The esteemed panel of judges sincerely appreciated the enthusiasm,  hard work and dedication of participants and the faculty member of various schools for guiding and motivating the young learners to showcase their talent and make the event successful.


Indraprastha World School organized the Online  Intra -School  English Debate Competition

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL organized the Online Intra-School English Debate Competition to tap the creativity and talent of the young students of class XII and X on Saturday, April 4, 2020. The participants gave their best shot while speaking for and against the resolution “Self –isolation and social distancing are the best ways to keep the creativity alive.”


The competition was adjudged by the team of adjudicators from all the three branches of Indraprastha SCHOOLS. The teams were well-prepared and impressed the audience with their  notions and beliefs. They left no stone unturned to influence the listeners with their statistical data, argumentation, appropriate expressions, and voice modulation.


The session was presided by the Managing Director Dr Rajesh Hassija and  Additional Director Ma’am, Ms Anupama. who appreciated the efforts of the language departments and congratulated the participants for putting up a stupendous show and exhibiting their oratorical skills online. The competition was an enriching experience for the speakers as well as the audience. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for making the event a great success.

For Results click on the link:



Founders Day Celebration at Indraprastha


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Every year Indraprastha SCHOOLS celebrate the Founders’ Day on April 2, 2020 to renew their commitment and dedication towards the noble cause of imparting the value-based education to children and raise a generation which is more responsible and dedicated towards the society and the world.

This year on this momentous day Indraprastha SCHOOLS celebrated through the digital  world. Our young scholars sitting at home, sincerely expressed their wishes to their alma mater by making beautiful and appealing greeting cards dedicated to our Hon’ble chairperson and chairman Sir, Smt and Shri A.S. Rana. They recited beautiful self-composed poem and motivated the entire fraternity that no barriers can affect their love and dedication for their institute.

Our Hon’ble Chairman, Shri A.S. Rana, expressed his gratitude to the parents, staff and students, for reposing their faith in the institute and monitoring their children to take online classes with utmost sincerity and dedication. His inspirational words motivated everyone to strive ahead and reach beyond the ordinary and continue scaling great heights. Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director appreciated the sincere endeavors of the staff and the students for being the worthy torchbearers in both scholastic and co scholastic fields, as school has grown in manifold ways in terms of wealth of knowledge and co-curricular.


Indraprastha glitters with the confluence of  Creativity and Talent


 At Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL, Annual Day gains utmost importance not only in terms of showcasing our academic excellence, but also unleashing the vibrant energy and unmatchable talent and creativeness of the children.

 The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Ms Kalpana Singh, Additional Director General (Finance), Doordarshan (Prasar Bharati), New Delhi who kindly consented to witness the event and felicitate the little cherubs.  The event was presided by Smt. and Shri. A.S. Rana, Chairperson and Chairman, and Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, Madam Anupama, Additional Director, Indraprastha Group of Schools. The children were blessed to see the unconditional love and support extended to them by the conclave of dignitaries, parents and grandparents to witness the phenomenal accomplishments of their children.

Ms Asha Srivastava, Vice-Principal extended the formal welcome to the dignitaries. The programme commenced with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony along with the rendition of the shloka recital. Thereafter, the music choir of young children enthralled the audience with an  inspirational song. Students apprised the audience with the extraordinary feat of achievements  through the Annual Report.

This graceful evening witnessed the grandeur of  the Annual Day Celebrations 2020 wherein more than 1000 children of Montessori wing, class I and II showcased their talent and fascinated the august gathering through their awe inspiring musical ballet The Magic of  Twinkle. It  beautifully conveyed the message of showing love and compassion towards animals. The scintillating mélange of creativity and talent kept the spirits of the audience high through the energetic performances.

The Chief Guest blessed the children for their commendable array of achievements and congratulated the management for setting a benchmark in the field of education as one of the leading schools of West Delhi. The audience was kept wrapped up throughout the evening until the rendering of the national anthem which signaled curtains down to the evening’s proceedings. The pride at watching their children put in a splendid effort combined with the unique setting for the evening left the parents glowing with pride. At the end, the vote of thanks was extended by Ms Ravinder Anand, Headmistress (Montessori Wing).




Reminiscence 2020

Indraprastha was a hub of activity on January 31, 2020, the day of the farewell. The students of class XI welcomed the outgoing batch with a tilak ceremony after which all the students of class XI and XII along with the staff members sat for the sacred hawan, which has long been the tradition of Indraprastha SCHOOLS.


The cultural programme in the auditorium started by lighting of the ceremonial lamp. The choir group of class XI presented a medley of old, melodious songs followed by a soul-stirring band performance. The title giving ceremony was the highlight of the day as it was truly enjoyed by all. It was followed by a street play reminiscing the days spent in the school along with a video which showcased a snapshot of the life of students.


Principal, Ms. Shikha Arora blessed the outgoing batch for their future ventures. The Head Boy and Head Girl shared their feelings in their farewell speeches and presented the school with a memento as a token of gratitude. The cultural evening ended with a medley of dance performances from fusion to bhangra that got everyone tapping their feet.





Good Luck Ceremony For Class X Students

Good Luck Ceremony was organized to bless the students of class X on February 1, 2020. The ceremony commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony. It was followed by the formal welcome extended to the dignitaries by Ms Anita Mahajan, Vice principal (Academics).


The programme kicked off with an inspirational song and the thought for the day. A motivational session headed by Dr. Parul Gupta, Senior Ayurvedic Consultant and Nutrition Specialist and Ms Bhawna Khanna, a renowned Counsellor aimed at apprising the students with the importance of healthy eating habits and the need to remain stress free to excel in their forthcoming examination.

The dedicated faculty members presented an inspiring song to keep the students motivated and focussed. Thereafter, each student was handed over the best wishes cards to boost their morale.





Indraprastha Celebrates the Annual Extravaganza 2019

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL, Paschim Vihar, celebrated its Annual Extravaganza on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 a mélange of talent and creativity.  The portals of the school illumined with lights casting a warm glow, with decked up stage and the ambience echoed with the loud cheers of the ebullient spectators.


 The Chief Guest, Shri Syed Shahnawaz Hussain the National Spokesperson of the Bhartiya Janata Party and a former Cabinet Minister graced the occasion with his benign presence. The guests were warmly welcomed by the School orchestra entitled ‘Satyagraha.” The Formal function commenced with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony amidst the chanting of the Rudra Ashtakam. A scintillating inaugural dance showcasing the auspicious aura of Lord Ganesha  and gave a befitting start to the event.


The Annual report of the session 2018-19 was presented by the school Head boy and Head girl. More than 150 students were felicitated with laurels for their commendable endeavours in curriculars and co-curriculars. The chief guest released the school Souvenir Vision 2019 and addressed the gathering. In his message he exhorted that children must be taught to respect their parents and instilled values in their formative years to retain the culture and the ethos of the nation.


More than 1400 students of class III to XII got an opportunity to exhibit their confidence,  dramatic, oratory and  musical skills while  presenting a  musical ballet ‘Udaan Hauslau KI” which glorified great women of India  and proved them to be an epitome of patience, sacrifice and determination.  Overall, the celebrations concluded on a happy note encouraging the students to establish future  milestones in their journey of success and live up to their expectations.  


Grandparents’ Day Celebration 2019

Grandparents have a significant and growing impact on the well-being of their grandchildren. It was time for our little preschoolers to thank them for the love, care and warmth showered by them. Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL celebrated Grandparents’ Day on Saturday, October 5, 2019. The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Dr. Manoj Kumar Khanna, Principal of Ramjas College, and University of Delhi.


The programme commenced chanting of the prayer by the school choir. It was followed by a dance recital as an invocation to Goddess Saraswati. The children made the day memorable by reciting lovely rhymes about grandparents and presenting a ballet-“Knowing our roots. which highlighted the strong bond of love between this wonderful relationship. Smashing smiles, vibrant attires and stellar performances enthralled the audience with their graceful smile and panache. All grandparents enjoyed the interesting games and tapped their feet on the floor to win the exotic prizes. The celebration culminated with the vote of thanks by Montessori Headmistress.



Installation Ceremony 2019

Indraprastha World School organised the Installation Ceremony on September 24, 2019 to hand over the responsibilities of the Interact Club to the newly appointed members. The ceremony was grace by the benign presence of  Mr Amit Kumar MIdha, President, Rotary Club and the Senior Rotarian R K Bhatara. The ceremony commenced with national anthem. The programme started in a traditional manner with the lamp lighting ceremony.  Thereafter, Krish Seth (President of the Interact Club 2018-19) presented the annual report highlighting the last year’s achievements of the interact club.

To embrace our young interactors with the wings of leadership and responsibility, dignitaries pinned badges to the office bearers. The newly appointed President, Anushka Abhyankar, President shared her future plans to take challenging projects to connect the world. The event aimed at sensitizing the parents and the young interactors with the virtues of leadership, forbearance and benevolence.


Teacher’s Day Celebration at Indraprastha


 Indraprstha WORLD SCHOOL organised the special assembly on the sacred occasion of the Teacher’s Day on September 5, 2019 to pay tribute to Dr S. Radhakrishnan, our former President who was a philosopher and a renowned thinker. The program commenced with a prayer chanted by the school choir. The school Principal, Ms Shikha Arora and other staff members extended a floral tribute to Dr. S Radhakrishnan who believed that teachers have the potential to produce men and women of immense moral and intellectual prowess and shape the radiant flow of humanity.


The special assembly commenced with an inspirational song. It was followed by the recitation of a captivating poem glorifying the invaluable role of Guru in a student’s life. Thereafter, a spectacular dance performance filled the atmosphere with gaiety and merriment. The teachers played fun games and won prizes. The Principal extended her best wishes to all the teachers and expressed gratitude for all their efforts in shaping the lives of the children.



Indraprastha Celebrates 73rd Rashtriya Samaan Diwas


Amidst the flaunting tricolour, festooned ambience, elated with the frenzied spirit of patriotism, the impassioned students of Indraprastha World School celebrated the 73th Rashtriya Samaan Diwas to extend a tribute to our martyrs  who ceded  their lives to safeguard the sovereignty of our Motherland.


The occasion was graced by the benign presence of Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, DIG Rapid Action Force (CRPF), our Hon’ble Chairperson and Chairman, Smt. and Shri. A.S Rana.  Soaked in the vigour of patriotism, IPites extended a heartfelt tribute to the martyrs of the national movement by unfurling the exquisite tricolour on the rendition of the National Anthem along with the release of balloons symbolizing freedom.


The unswerving zest of patriotism among young students was exhibited through various presentations like patriotic song, recitation of a self-composed poem, stage play and ramp walk which enthralled everyone. The highlight of the day was the street play entitled as “Aazadi.” It conveyed a powerful message of uplifting India. Thereafter, the young dancers mesmerized the audience with a colourful dance bonanza. At the outset, the Chief Guest acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the young citizens of tomorrow to make this great day a memorable one.



Indraprastha Celebrates Annual Talent Fiesta 2019

Indraprastha World School celebrated its two day mega Annual Talent Fiesta, Unnat -2019, on 25 & 26 July, 2019. The prodigious confluence of talent witnessed an overwhelming response from the schools across Delhi and NCR. More than 1200 students from 27 schools participated in this inter school event.


Two day, confluence of talent was graced by the benign presence of the hon’ble Chief Guest Mr. Sayeed Ansari. Senior Anchor and Executive Editor, Aaj Tak and Ms Sargam Pant, News Anchor, News India. The event was presided by Mr A.S. Rana, Chairman Indraprastha Group and the school Principal Ms. Shikha Arora.


Unnat -2019 provided a vibrant platform to the enthusiastic competitors to display their confidence, theatrical skills, technical abilities and artistic flair. The mélange of ‘Ignited minds’ gave the best of their creative chunk and plunged into the world of imagination to showcase their flair and endowments by participating in 27 Events. The Event was a grand success!



Indraprastha Glitters with the Annual Subject Expo- Insight 2019

Indraprastha WORLD SCHOOL organized the Annual Subject Expo- Insight 2019 a mélange of creativity, innovation, originality and knowledge where students got an opportunity to display projects, models, educational games and live demonstrations.  

The occasion was graced by Hon’ble Sh. Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, hon’ble Member of Parliament from West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency.  The inaugural  ceremony was a confluence of talent where students showcased their best in the field of dance, music, theatre and sports.  

The chief guest and the management visited the classrooms and observed the live presentations which proved that the young scholars of IPWS are the reservoir of talent and skills. Everyone appreciated the efforts put in by the students and faculty members. The event was a grand success.



Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony was organised for the session 2019-20 to bestow responsibilities on the new appointees of the Student Council. The ceremonial pinning of badges and handing over of sashes to the council members was solemnized by the hon’ble Managing Director Sir, Dr Rajesh Hassija and Ms Shikha Arora, the school Principal. He addressed the students and motivated them to be the torch bearers throughout their life. Abiding by the sanctity of the tradition, the school Principal administered the oath and blessed the Student Council Members.

The school Head Boy, Anand Mehta (XII) and the school Head Girl, Rishita Singh (XII) expressed their gratitude to the management and staff members for reposing faith in their abilities. They assured that they would give their best in collaboration with their team and prove their mettle as leaders.


Founder’s Day Celebration at Indraprastha

Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi celebrated the Founder’s Day on April 2, 2019. The remarkable Odyssey of 16 glorious years of selfless service to humanity has made our visionaries Hon’ble Chairperson Madam and Chairman Sir, Shri A.S Rana proud of their extraordinary contribution by raising an educational institution that encompasses not only academic excellence but outstanding achievements in the field of extra curriculars  at national and International Level.


A special assembly was organised by  the students to honour the founders of the school and expressed their love for the institute on this very special day. The school principal in her address exhorted that it is the visionary approach of our founders that has allowed the institution to attain the pinnacles of glory. She also expressed her gratitude to the Managing Director, Dr Rajesh Hassija for reposing faith in his team and be an incessant source of inspiration to the Indraprastha fraternity. The staff and the students expressed their love and commitment to continue cherishing their vision and make new milestones in the years to come.


Acclimatization Day 2019

The Acclimatization Day was organized by Indraprastha World School on Monday, March 25, 2019 to introduce and sensitize the little pre- schoolers to school environment. The children immensely enjoyed fun-filled activities like the train ride, bouncy ball’s pool in the background of the cartoon world.They also clicked photograph at the photo corner posing with the alluring accessories in the circus frame of ‘My first day at Indraprastha World School’ Creative corner and  a number of games were arranged by the teachers. Dancing with Mickey and Donald was fun filled. Children acclimatized themselves to teacher and classrooms in an exciting and colourful environment. The parents appreciated the endeavours of the school and staff for creating an enthusing environment for the tiny –tots.




 Over Night Camp

Keeping in sync with our schools moto “Teach Each Child Develop Each Child,” Indraprastha World School organized the overnight camp for students of class I and V on the “15th and 16th of March to inculcate the leadership skills among students to face the challenges  adroitly  right from their formative years. The camp,  also aimed at developing the spirit of sportsmanship, tolerance, and togetherness among  students who spent a night away from their comfy home and adorable parents.


The camp commenced with an invigorating session of aerobics and yoga. After the assembly, they were escorted to their respective tents to keep their baggage. Thereafter, they relished a sumptuous breakfast. Brimming with excitement and energy all students lined up to participate in the adventurous and enthralling activities such as zorbing, rappelling, wall climbing, rope climbing, roller ball, burma bridge, archery and commando net etc.


More excitement and fun was in the evening in the form of magic show, camp fire, mouth watering cuisine and an exhilarating story telling session by grandparents. This enticing session evoked the feeling of love and compassion amongst the blossoming buds with smile on their visages.

The next day, children woke up with the first ray of sun and geared up for the valedictory ceremony presided by our school Principal Ms. Shikha Arora. The program started in a traditional way by invoking the almighty. It was followed by a colourful cultural bonanza for an expansive gamut of spectators.


Montessori Head Mistress, Ms. Ravinder Anand added grace to the occasion and motivated the ” little managers” through her inspirational words. All students bade farewell to their teachers and went home carrying fond memories of the camp with smile on their faces.


Indraprastha Celebrates Montessori Annual Extravaganza

 Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar organised Montessori Annual Day Celebrations on Saturday, March 9, 2019 with lots of pomp and show where more than 800 students got a wide platform to exhibit their flair and knack in front of the ebullient audience comprising  distinguished guests, grandparents and parents.


The event was graced by the benign presence of the Hon’ble Chief Guest Shri  Sateyandra Jain , Cabinet Minister, Government of Delhi  accompanied by  Mrs. & Mr. A. S. Rana, Chairperson and Chairman, Indraprastha Group. Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Managing Director, Indraprastha Group of  Schools and other distinguished guests. On this auspicious and delightful evening, Ms Parul Panchal Headmistress, Primary Wing accorded a formal and floral welcome to all the dignitaries.


Reiterating faith in the tradition, the celebrations commenced with the Lamp Lighting Ceremony to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. The blossoming cherubs with confidence and smile on their faces left the spectators awe struck with their panache while presenting the annual report highlighting the achievements of the year gone by. The prize winners were awarded and appreciated amidst cheers by the audience for their endeavours to excel at this tender age. The chief guest bestowed his blessings on the children and urged the students to remain sincere and dedicated in their efforts to excel in future and remain committed to the tenets of a winner.


The highlight of the evening the ballet ‘My Family, My Pride’ was a remarkable achievement of the tiny tots. The flamboyant and an impressive display left an everlasting imprint on the minds of the august gathering. The dance drama with the message that the unconditional love of parents  for their children is priceless. It is like no other relationship. And no form of gratitude is enough to compensate their selfless and true love.Little ones left every one spellbound with their awe- inspiring presentation. The celebration was a grand success.