The following nine intelligences are imbued in our children with emphasis on activities:

  • Linguistic intelligence: Dramatization, role -play.
  • Mathematical and logical intelligence: simple science experiments, puzzles, shape sorter, cooking, gardening, grid board, role- play, abacus, tanagrams.
  • Visual and spatial intelligence: tearing and pasting, Lacing and buttoning.
  • Bodily kinesthetic intelligence: Sand and water play, obstacle race.
  •  Musical intelligence: sound cylinders, musical instruments and singing songs.
  • Inter-personal intelligence: Clean up time, creative work in groups.
  • Intra-personal intelligence: Drama, Morning message, reverence.
  • Spiritual: Caring for the environment, sharing, and narration of value-based stories.
  • Naturalist: Gardening, judicious use of water, nature walks, visit to zoo and circus, feeding the birds.
  • And the co scholastic domains include activities like: story narration, dramatization, show and tell, origami, colouring and drawing, memory games, fancy dress, art and craft , quiz, talks show, recitation, printing, music, dance, trips and excursions etc.